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What about Brodie & protections to Oakdale residents?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

A long-time and very beloved resident of Sunset Valley recently passed away, leaving a 5 acre estate on Brodie Lane to The University of Texas. It is currently zoned as single-family residential. I would hope that our community would be 100% transparent in any discussions at a staff or council level to ensure that public notice and public comment are incorporated if/when anything comes up for discussion with regard to this property.

I have been on Council since 2009 and Mayor for many years. Nobody and no entity has EVER discussed this property with me prior to me receiving this question. Council, during my time, has never discussed it either. I would be surprised if UT chooses to hold on to this property as a single residential lot. This means SV and the community will have to weigh in as to how the property should be used in away that is proper to the current owners and respectful of the residents in that area of Sunset Valley.

My track record shows, on the record, a relentless advocacy for the residents of Country White Lane with regard to the variances and approval process for the Barn on Brodie Lane. My primary concern was the impact of traffic and quality of life to the residents of Country White Lane.

I would recommend that the residents not waste time creating discussion and a plan at the Council and Community level for this property, so we are prepared if and when the owners want to make changes. The City and its residents should not be naive in balancing the needs, rights and expectations of a property owner along with the future of development. It is hard to argue that frontage property along 290 or Brodie should remain single-family residential. If this is the wish of residents, compromise should be discussed to create buffers or to ensure that the legal protections are actually in place to match the expectations of adjacent residents.

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