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-Partner, Culhane Meadows, PLLC

-Executive Board Member, Hill Country Conservancy

-City of Austin-Urban Design Guidelines, Building Advisory Committee

-Principal, Flor (Land Development & Municipal Services)


-Mayor, Sunset Valley (2010-2021)

-Owner, Law Office of Rose Hargrave, PLLC (2008-2022)

-Chief Legal Officer, Socialcare by Health Symmetric, Inc. (2018-2020)

-In-House Counsel for Jay Hargrave Architecture, LLC (2010-2023)

-Judicial Clerkship for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (2008-2010)

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  • General Counsel & Business Operations

  • Municipal & Legislative Law

  • Land Use & Entitlements

  • Real Estate & Land Development


  1. Special Council for Municipalities.  Work product example here.

  2. Negotiating and enforcement of hotel management agreements (HMAs).  Termination process for HMAs.

  3. Draft and negotiation PSAs for undeveloped and developed real estate.  Title review.  Prepare entitlement reports.  Commercial lease advising.

  4. Land Use and Entitlement work for government, residential and commercial projects.

  5. Owner and Municipal representation for retail, hospitality, and government land development projects including PUDs, PPPs, taxing regulation, and lease negotiation.

  6. Led negotiations and agreement enforcement to permanently reduce bus emissions and increase water quality controls between school district and municipality.

  7. Worked with owners and retailers to maximize retail tax collection through improving development entitlements, increasing property owner subsidies, tax reductions for residents, and creation of a public safety tax district. 

  8. Business operations and transactional matters as in-house counsel and outside-general counsel.

  9. Budget management for private and government entities.

  10. Collaborative Law and human resources.

  11. Public speaking and meeting management.

  12. Immigration (DACA, Green Card & Naturalization).


Education brought me to Georgetown, Texas which introduced me to Austin.  Access to greenspace, pubic trails and my love of horses delivered me to Sunset Valley in 2008.  From there I began my life-long work to create, protect and advocate for better public access to trails, green space and a better urban landscape. 


I served as an elected official and volunteer in Sunset Valley continuously from 2008-2022. During this period, I worked for the Court of Criminal Appeals prior to being the Managing Partner for a boutique law firm that became my own practice in 2010.  For more than a decade my practice has focussed on in-house counsel; immigration; and land development.  


My public advocacy and volunteerism continued by joining the Board of Hill Country Conservancy in 2021 and the City of Austin drafting team for the revision of the City's Urban Design Guidelines in 2022.  The building of the Violet Crown Trail has been a personal commitment since 2008, which is now open from Zilker Park through Sunset Valley with continued construction in progress headed toward Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.  


I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan which is a story in itself and raised mostly in Moore, Oklahoma.  After completing my undergraduate work at Southwestern University and before law school, I worked as an Admissions Director and Site Manager for Mexico and South American offices for an Austin-based international education company.  My pro bono work has been devoted to immigration law and DACA since 2007 when I worked as an immigration assistant to the Dean of my law school.  I have immense passion for diversity and equality in all parts of my community; having a balanced urban landscape that supports land development; and public advocacy to promote and enforce both.  

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